I don’t think people who work silently are any better than those who don’t. The power of storytelling is not limited to the way it makes people feel. It also affects how effectively you capture your market share.

In “How to Build A Magnetic Brand Using Content Marketing“, I explain how stories make your brand top of mind and keep you relevant to the market.

First, everyone cannot process problems the same way. We are different people and should be allowed to express our lives differently.

Just as we had those students who never asked questions in class, we had those who without those questions were bound to fail.

Yet, peer pressure made sure that many people went through secondary school and University, “boning face”, not speaking when they should and faking confidence when they could have simply spoken up.

“Everyone cannot process problems the same way. We are different people and should be allowed to express our lives differently.”

Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

The popular “hustle in silence” mantra is emotional blackmail, and reeks of a controlling spirit. If you want to hustle in silence, then silently do your silent hustle.

The sad thing is that this idea has been backed up with nothing but social banter and memes. These memes sadly don’t reflect the reality of what running a business or brand entails.

Commanding others to shush their stories because of some viral meme is not only a sign of weak thinking but a recipe for failure.

Rich People are Silent?

Many rich people in our society today are too old to operate phones, social media or the internet. Being rich also means that they are able to outsource their marketing, publicity and even hire a ghostwriter.

Their silence is not because “money is quiet”, it’s mostly a lack of opportunity or the existence of a proxy. A lot of them would grab the opportunity to share their stories before passing on but it’s too late to start archiving all the details as it happened.

Silence is necessary for work but when you are done working, please share. Help someone else improve on their process.

Don’t hide behind “hustle in silence” to build ideas that will leave you at 60 years of age wondering how you managed to waste all your life building nothing. Just a second opinion could have saved you so much time.

You are broke and you don’t want to speak. Nobody is going to invest or buy from your silence. Silence is not a marketing strategy.

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