Are you planning on Valentine’s day tricks for your lovers? Why not do something for your business that might just get you more clients and lovers? Here’s a cool way to celebrate with a customized rich-text email to several love interests! Cassanova!

Writing is one of the coolest skills I have ever encountered. When you author a book, you automatically find yourself in a relationship with all your readers. Or they find themselves falling in love with you. You are something of a professional cheat. Building intimate relationships with several people at the same time.

The trick to storytelling is letting people into your reality in a way that suits your purpose either as a lover or as a business. The art of seduction is a slow, intimate process that when done right, can help you win the heart of thousands of people.

Businesses who underestimate communication, often miss out on the opportunity to initiate new relationships and keep old ones.

Is your business doing poorly with communicating updates and news to your network? This could impact how your brand is perceived and how much of an impression you leave in the mind of your potential clients.

You really don’t want to leave your customers out and cold in this relationship.

The trick to storytelling is letting people into your reality in a way that suits your purpose…

Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

Customers like to be wooed. It’s innate for people to buy because they are made to feel special, wanted, and valued. Sometimes, it’s not even how different your product is from the market. It’s just that you make people feel special.

Just the ambience and reception a client receives on the first contact could make them all yours in a matter of seconds. It’s why everyone is so excited about Mailetlite introducing the rich-text email editor.

In a recent post, I shared Writing Newsletters: Email Marketing for Noobs which was also featured on TEFconnect Network. A lot of the comments and responses showed the interest that startups and business owners have in email marketing.

Immediately I got the feature update, I decided I just had to come share with you guys and explain how it works.

With this new editor, you can make every single email a fairy tale romance!

The full guide on how to use the new editor has been published here.

However, this Mailerlite upgrade includes:

  1. In-line Editing: You can now edit elements directly as you design your emails. In the old Mailerlite editor, you had to edit your text in a sidebar while arranging your blocks of text or images on the main editor. This made editing tedious for everyone. Now you can design and write at the same time.
  2. Dynamic content: These tools are now available. In order to customize emails using elements like {$Name}, you don’t have to remember it or copy it from google to insert in your emails. Now the editor provides you with a dropdown of dynamic content.
  3. Revert to or Track Old versions of emails.
  4. Design email templates that can be used in other campaigns. Now your email design can be used in your other campaigns, automation and lots more. This saves you a lot of time. If you have subscribed to my blog, for example, you’ll notice that I now have a consistent email template.
  5. You also now have the option to add elements inline. This means that while typing your email, you can easily add in an image, illustration, graph or design. This makes your email just as interactive as social media.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you with your content needs, kindly shoot me an email, [email protected]. I’ll be excited to work with you.

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