If there’s anything you should know about digital platforms and marketing, it’s that nothing works immediately. So we optimize and improve for results. Never be impatient when it comes to getting your digital platforms working.

I have spent the last few months learning Fiverr, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing on my own.

One of the biggest buzz words that I think is also quite underrated is optimization.

When I started working on my email list, I had just learned about funnels. One of the simples funnels you can build looks like this:

1. A landing page with a free offer.
2. Welcome email that sends your offer.
3. Follow-up emails to grow familiarity and sell.

You would have seen funnels like this linked to Facebook ads. I recently created an ad that is linked to my own funnel and I like the results I am getting.

Usually you might need to pay like $200/month to create this kind of funnel. Most people think funnels are either expensive or difficult to create.

I use elementor and WordPress builders like Oxygen Builder to create landing pages. I build my offer from some of my products. Examples of offers I have created:
1. My free Fiverr Cheatsheet.
2. Free marketing ebook.

One tool that makes all of this quite possible is MailerLite. I remember fondly having a debate with a digital marketer, now of blessed memory, and we were going between Mailchimp and MailerLite.

I have used both and I still believe MailerLite is the most user-friendly. Maybe Mailchimp works well for agencies with a big budget but when you need to bootstrap your marketing, you need a reasonable solution that makes it easy for you to create without a big team.

So let’s talk about optimizing.

I did a lot of landing pages before in the past and most of them didn’t perform too well. I kept tweaking the design until I had one where I got above 45% conversion. I was amazed by the result and figured that I did something right on that funnel.

I checked and saw that the landing page looks easy on the eyes and focuses on my offer quite well. This was my Fiverr Cheatsheet offer. I had gotten 118 subscribers from that campaign. So I decided to try the design style with another campaign that was not working well before.

I redid my free marketing download and funnel. And it jumped from almost no subscribers to 59 subscribers at a 46.46% conversion.

What does this tell me about my visitors asides the landing page?

It means I have a lot of my audience who are interested in freelancer information and marketing information.

I can use this information to optimize my SEO by writing or updating the content on my website to fit this demographic. It also means that my emails will be optimized to target the interest of those who have subscribed for my free offers. I know what a majority of my subscribers want to hear about and I can tweak my content and marketing to focus on these needs.

I was talking about optimization.

In my few years of being a content writer and helping brands build marketing strategies, one thing I have noticed that a lot of people ignore is analytics and optimization. We think that we can just wing our way through making sales.

I like numbers and I think most people do too. Numbers help us act with a little more certainty. Also when it comes to creating what people like, you cannot always rely on guesswork. Insights are critical to building strategies and optimizing those strategies for success.

Finally, working with the right tools on your platforms would provide you with insight. I not only encourage people to use tools just for the sake of using them. Facebook analytics only show insight when you try to advertise. MailerLite only shows you data if you have an account linked to your funnel. Google analytics only work when linked to your website. Fiverr has metrics for how your gigs perform. You will not have these metrics when you have not created a gig and you won’t know that you need to optimize anything when all you do is random guesswork in building your business.

I have provided even more useful tips like these about Fiverr and Marketing in guides that you can read easily on your phone. If you are a business executive or owner and would like me to train your team, let’s talk. Make sure all your marketing people have the right knowledge and you will see them being more strategic in their decisions. Need help with your digital platforms and marketing strategy? Email me: [email protected].

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