3 Fail-Proof Pathways to Authorship in 2020

So you’ve always wanted to publish a book but you don’t know how to write well, or you suffer Writer’s block? Here are 3 simple ways to get yourself on the move:

1. The Social Blogging Strategy: Post a chapter of your idea every day on a blog or on social media. The feedback will help you know what your readers love and also keep you pumped up to write.

2. Enrol for a Writing course or seminar that requires you to write every day. It could include daily prompts. An example of such courses is the Write With Flair program.

3. Hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter listens to you and through back and forth communication helps you to journal your stories and complete your draft.

A Quick List of Ghostwriters You can Hire:

1. Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
2. Michael Tolulope Emmanuel
3. May Ebute
4. Marline Oluchi

Rates are from as low as N5 per word to as high as N10 per word, depending on each writer you contact. It could give you time to plan your editing, publishing, marketing, and other related processes.

3 Fail-Proof Ways to Edit Your Writing.

Are you writing a proposal, essay, story or novel? If writing is such a big deal, imagine how bad you’d feel knowing that your readers spotted errors all over your work. Editing could be easy if you try these approaches:

1. Install editing apps like Hemmingway, Grammarly, or Ginger. Some of them also offer you browser extensions and mobile keyboards that make your editing easy.

2. Use Microsoft Word Grammar Check feature after every written work is done. It assures you of basic spelling and grammar checks.

3. Hire an editor: It’s important to know that there’s a human element to the storytelling. Machines may filter our spelling and grammar errors but your story’s elegance, relevance, the validity of plot, fact-checking etc, might require a human touch.

Editing Experts you can Hire are:

1. Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
2. Bamidele Aiyejina
3. Jeff Ugochukwu Omenyuru
4. Raheela Dantata
5. May Ebute

3 Steps for Generating Titles, Names & Taglines

Using short evocative taglines in your essays, campaigns and stories could make them last longer in trends, and top of mind for your customers. A tagline like “Just do it” has made Nike quite popular. A brand’s name requires good thinking. Your website name and URL could affect how you and your business is perceived or visible to customers. So here’s the 3 Steps to take when branding an idea, business or story.

1. Think about keywords that are both popular and meaningful. Make sure they evoke imagery and feelings that are original to your brand or story. Make a list of these keywords.

2. Use search engines to test for relevance. Find other related keywords that are commonly used to describe your concept.

3. Try variations and combinations of these keywords. Write various phrases or sentences from these combinations and ask others

Also, a hint on this is that your names, titles and taglines should most times have some roots in your history, personality or identity.

A few other things you might want to Research for your Marketing:

1. Setting up websites and blogs.
2. Writing your business web copy.
3. Branding and strategy for social platforms.
4. Writing and content for social media.
5. Marketing, organic and paid advertising.

I have provided a number of free resources that can help you along the way in this year. Some of them will stay free, others will expire. I’d encourage you to follow my blog, download the free guides, and make the best of your spending this year by hiring right.

To achieve success this year, you may want to hit the ground running. Check below for some other resources you’d find useful. I’d be glad to answer a few questions, if I don’t respond, it’s cause I went back to work or decided to Netflix for a bit during my break.

Other Recommended Tools

1. The Write with Flair course – Join Here

2. For Writing as a Business & Art – Get Download

3. Business Ebook by Strive Masiyiwa – Get Download

4. Not too Broke To Be (A book on simple ways to get out of being broke always) – Get Download

5. Want to have a full list of ways we can work together? Visit page.

7. A free webinar for growing your brand online. – Join Here

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